3 mice and a bunny

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Do you remember Brenda the Ballerina mouse?
Ballerina Mouse
She was made towards the end of last summer. You can read about her here

Well now she has been joined by two identical sisters.

More Ballerina mice
More Ballerina mice

These are a favour to one of my best friends who took the photographs at my wedding.
Here they are joining their other friends before being wrapped up in tissue for delivery.

Ballerina mice and a bunny
Ballerina mice and a bunny

These two new mice have patches on their feet to differentiate the one that is for ‘Ruby’ from the one that is for ‘Hannah’.

Only a puppy, a cat and a gecko to finish and then I’m done!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I loved your last line – you wrote it like it was a normal thing for anyone to say!! They are adorable presents. Jo x


  2. You are too fortunate !!! I make amigurumis but I can’t pay patterns because I haven’t got too much money . I really like the mice 🙂


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