Sock monkey

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Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, I have been crocheting a sock monkey.

It is by far the most boring crochet I have undertaken in a long time but I’m sure the monkey-mad mother-to-be will love it.

I remember the amazing knitted clown I received from the very same person  when Freya was born 14 years ago and now it is her turn. Freya’s dad and I had painstakingly decorated the nursery as the inside of a circus tent; bright red and yellow circus tent stripes. The clown was a perfect addition although unfortunately it is packed away in the loft in my bag of Freya treasures. If I’m up there at the weekend (always a task I try and put off, going into the loft!) I’ll get a photo.

I came across the monkey pattern on Pinterest; leading me to a site called Craft Passion, a site full of free tutorials.


The pattern advised around 12 hours of crochet. ‘I’ll blast this’, I thought.
12 hours later and I have two little ears to crochet and then I’m done.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I love your sock monkey parts although I suppose, strictly speaking, a sock monkey should involve a sock. But, who cares? An idea, though, if ever you suffer from Second Sock Syndrome I suppose.

    I regularly check out Craft Passion – she has some really good tutorials on there and not all for crochet although her patterns always make me tempted to get out those hooks again and watch some video tutorials.


    1. I’ve only just discovered her. Definitely a few evenings viewing of that site required!
      You keep talking about taking up the hook but I have seen as much crochet from you as you have seen quilting from me!


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