Bride & Bridesmaid purses

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Tonight I start my bridesmaid purses. Or to re-phrase, tonight I must start my bridesmaid purses.

This is my first project for the White Tree Fabrics online store for which I am very pleased to be a

And this is my fabric. Mint green and silver duchess satin and a beautiful lace overlay.

White Tree Fabric bridesmaid purse make

I’m going to make 2 different purses. One will be along the lines of this one.

Bridesmaid purse

And the second one, for my daughter, will be more contemporary. A fold over clutch with a chunky zip much like this one.

fold over clutch

We will of course be carrying (homemade) bouquets on the day but you always need somewhere to keep your lipstick!

Love, Lucie xx


    1. It was so beautiful last night I ended up mowing the lawn instead. I’ve given myself a deadline of this weekend. I’ve also a wooden ‘wedding card’ box to decoupage……..


  1. that lace is beautiful! *goes to find it on the website* – wait, have you got the link to it? that might be quicker, haha. Can’t wait to see these finished!


    1. Yes, very funny! I can see some improvements to the site. But I don’t know if I would find it again.
      Did you see that first White Tree Fabric make? Beautiful.


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