Giraffe part 1

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2 arms and 2 legs doesn’t seem much to show for the last few days but I’m very pleased with how it is looking.


This is the start of this little chap here

Emma's Crochet Giraffe Pattern
Click on the image to take you to Emma’s (of I love buttons) pattern


This week seems to have been punctuated with various trips to the orthodontist and dentist with my daughter. It’s always tricky to gauge how much discomfort (and painkillers) I should let her cope with before making the decision to haul her back to the orthodontist for an impromptu appointment.
A correct decision, as it turned out, as the orthodontist whipped out the offending brace to let her sore gums heal for a week or two.

I had also set myself the task this week of choosing all the music for my wedding.
We are getting married at the reception venue but I wanted to be quite particular of the music played to hopefully create some sort of atmosphere.
3 lunch hours later and I have 30 minutes of music to which our guests will be seated, one for the way in, a piece to be played during the signing of the register and one for the way out.
A good mixture of classic and contemporary but with meaning behind the words if anyone cares to listen.
A HUGE tick off my wedding list of things to do. I just need to stick them all on a single CD.

The fabulous weather this morning belies the forecast of storms for the weekend. At least the weather looks to remain fair today for the D Day landing commemorations on the French coast. The Normandy beaches looked fabulous on the television this morning. A polar opposite of the same beaches 70 years ago. I hope to catch some of it on the TV when I get home tonight.

Have a lovely weekend. I hope those of us in the UK won’t get washed away.

Love, Lucie x


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