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Is this month’s Craftseller magazine I came across a tutorial I knew would be perfect for my niece.

Craftseller magazine drawstring bag
Craftseller magazine drawstring bag

She will be 3 in a couple of weeks. The weather has been quite shocking today so I thought I would get ahead.
I’m expecting a parcel from Minervacrafts containing 3 projects worth of materials to land any day soon and my first post for them is on the 7th February.
Without finding exactly what I wanted amongst my stash I treated myself to a visit to my local fabric shop and came back with these.

Fabric World fabric
Fabric World fabric

Don’t you just love this fairy fabric?20140126-171028.jpg
I changed the fox for a simpler flower motif. I’m not sure my niece would appreciate a fox. 20140126-171119.jpg
With my niece just turning 3 I kept the cord length quite short but I can change it as she grows.

Eleni's drawstring bag
Eleni’s drawstring bag

Girls drawstring bag

I think it’s turned out well. I would love to have received this when my daughter was small.

Lined in gingham
Lined in gingham

This wasn’t the only thing I made this weekend. I also ran up a little something for my mum. But that will have to wait until she receives it in on her birthday, also in a couple of weeks time.

Love, Lucie xx


    1. I’ve just realized, it’s my first piece of patchwork! Eleni is a greek name but there is nothing greek about our family! I think they chose it to be different but I’m sure it’ll catch on.It is a nice sized name for applique!


  1. I have the pattern, I have the fabric, but I’m just not as organised as you are! Now I’ve seen what a beautiful job you did, I really should give it a try. It looks great! 🙂


    1. Just do it!
      I made the bag 5cm shorter as mine was for a very little person. I thought the instruction about where the string came out of the top, very ambiguous. It said ‘Make a button hole’ but didn’t show where or how. I just left a gap in the sewing up of the sides, to fall at the top, within the channel for the string. It looks fine this way.


    1. Thankyou. I remember having a drawstring bag for the same reason for my daughter for nursery. However I wasn’t crafting like I do now so it would have been bought and not as personal.


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