Scotty garland

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I feel my blog has been getting a little yarn heavy recently and my sewing machine has been feeling slightly neglected.

So this weekend I ran up this.

Scotty garland
Scotty garland

I had meant to make this during December but I don’t think it looks too Christmassy.
Scotty garland

I think it dresses up the old welsh dresser now the Christmas stockings have been packed away.
Scotty garland

I’ll leave it up until Easter, when I have a spring garland planned.

Scotty in tartan
Scotty in tartan

I’ve enjoyed getting back on my machine.
My sewing brain is whirring again.

Love, Lucie xx

Please click below for a pdf of the scottie template. Print out on A4. Use the outer edge of the thick black marker pen as the actual size of the finished dog.

scottie template



  1. Spooky! I did exactly the same today and got back on that horse (aka sewing machine) and made a little baby frock.
    Love those Scotties to bits – not too Christmassy at all.


    1. I did so much on the machine before Christmas it was good to have a break.
      The great thing I love about using my machine is the speed. I can run up a little something in no time at all!


  2. This is a brilliant design, I wonder if a cat version would look as good (probably not) . Thanks for sharing. Jean


  3. Ooo! Luv it!! My BFF used to have a black Scottie long ago and I’m always getting her “Scottie” stuff… I’ve got the Fabric… šŸ˜€


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