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The house seems very clear but slightly subdued now the tree is down and the decorations packed away.

I know it’s early but I couldn’t return to work knowing I had all that lot to put away.

I’ve kept the wreath up though, until twelve night.

I’ve started this cushion.

Crochet squares
Crochet squares

It kept me busy during those times when I needed to do something with my hands but when it would have been rude to bury my head in a pattern.
Do you know what I mean?

Crochet squares
I would have gone slightly mad and definitely got rather ratty if I hadn’t something to do during those films and Christmas specials that don’t really take much watching. But sometimes just sitting together is all you need when the weather is raging and there are chocolates to be eaten.
Crochet cushion
The final cushion will be 4 squares wide, 4 squares long.
I was inspired by these squares by Little Woollie that I had seen before Christmas.
Little woolie's blanket
If you don’t already follow the Little Woollie blog I recommend you take a look.
Next, I’ve something in mind for my dresser. It’s looking very bare now the crochet swag and stockings have gone.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Ours is all coming down tomorrow/Sunday. Can’t be doing with it when we are all back at work and school. Cushion is looking good. I haven’t done any crochet over Christmas. Partly because I’ve been putting off some blocking and I haven’t started anything new but also because I have been feeling pretty worn out. Tonight I shall get back to it…. bored now!!


    1. The trouble with taking it all down is all the cleaning that is required afterwards! Surfaces that hadn’t seen daylight for 4 weeks looked remarkably dusty.
      What project do you have in mind for your first make of 2014?


      1. I have started on the unfinished thing that needed blocking. Still avoiding the blocking as much as possible and only doing the bare minimum lol! It’s coming together quite quickly though 😀


    1. As you can see, I’m using my usual muted colours! No rainbows around here!
      I shall make snowflakes next Christmas. I want to will on the spring! Although there’s a long way to go yet! ;(


  2. Your little fingers are busy all the time. Will you ever get your fix?! 🙂 It must be so lovely to tuck yourself in on a cold winter day with your yarn and hook. Keep showing us your fabulous makes!


    1. The colour choice is purely to get the finished item past the OH. So I have a great stash of muted colours to dip into. No crochet rainbows allowed to adorn the settee in this house!


    1. You obviously had enough going on! I had promised myself a couple of lazy afternoons with my crochet when I could pretend I was a lady of leisure. This I achieved but Monday morning beckons!


  3. I just downloaded the pdf pattern from Raverly…I do follow Little Woollie, I love her blog. I like the colors you are using, very nice! Enjoyed your post. Happy New Year!!


      1. Thank you for sharing, and oh my yes…I am inspired by so much! I need a huge C.C. so I can shop for everything I want to make! Lol!


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