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Thankfully, I seem to be finally winding up a few projects.

This I love.

Crochet star garland
Crochet star garland

They were so much light fun to make.Crochet star garland

Completely inspired by these.

Littlewoolie crochet stars
Littlewoolie crochet stars

Mine are a little larger than I was expecting.Crochet stars
Next year I will make smaller ones for the tree.Crochet stars
They make me smile.
Crochet stars
One more week for us at work and school, then two weeks off!
I simply cannot wait.

Love Lucie x


  1. They’re lovely – love your dresser too.

    My eldest has already finished Uni for the Christmas break so she is home, the youngest is in her last week of work experience and Mr. T. arrives home on Thursday night with my Mum in tow so everybody will be here now until the 6th January. Then, and only then, ‘Let it snow…….’


    1. Ah yes, the wish, but not too soon, for a white Christmas!
      It’s a Welsh dresser. Given to me by my mum when selling a holiday let, it’s the oldest, loveliest thing I own. We live in a square modern house but I can dream…….
      What would we do without Christmas to bring us all together?


    1. Thank you. They were too big and a little heavy for my branches so this was the only way to go.
      Personally I would have one hanging from every door knob around the house but I know just how far I can push my OH into the Christmas spirit.


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