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Another gift completed this weekend. It’s for my nine year old God daughter, Lily (in case you hadn’t guessed).

Christmas present for my God Daughter
Christmas present for my God Daughter

I bought the sweet pom pom trim but that’s all.

Pom Pom trim

The floral textile is a leg of a darling jump suit worn by my daughter a couple of years ago. She wore it to a lovely family wedding. I’m keen to incorporate fabric with memories into special makes whenever I can.
Right, back to that darn cable scarf!

Love Lucie x


    1. Thankyou! I didn’t really plan the size. It just sort of evolved. It was meant to be square but my zip closure on the back was a bit short for a square cushion. Hence the rectangle shape.


  1. Oh Lucie, the pillow is really cute. And, the workmanship is so professional! I wish I could sew like that. I’m sure it will be a special gift that Lily will cherish forever!


    1. You’ve just panicked me into thinking I’ve spelt ‘Lily’ wrong. I’ve just had to check and yes, there is no double L in my God daughters name! I always forget. One L or two?
      Thank you for your lovely comment. Just calming down again now.


    1. Thanks. The pom pom trim looks lovely but is a right pain to do. If I go slowly and try not to rush I can usually manage it without resorting to the unpicker too often.
      I’m really pleased with this make. Thank for stopping by. x


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