Ho! Ho! Ho! More stockings!

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I shall be glad not to see another stocking for a while.

3 for us and 3 for a commission.

It must be Christmas!
It must be Christmas!
Stockings for girls
Stockings for girls
Stockings for boys
Stockings for boys

No time for words today. Just pictures.
Happy Tuesday!
Love Lucie xx


    1. Thank you. The 3 we have left look lovely still pinned to my kitchen dresser. Which is where they will stay until Christmas eve.
      I know I will love getting these out every year.


  1. I’m sure Santa will be delighted to fill these lovely stockings with lots of presents.

    I think us ‘big kids’ love stockings just as much as little ones. My mam always did one for me, my sister and niece (the ‘boy”s weren’t bothered so it was just us ladies). I’m going to miss not having one this year. Mr Gertie has offered to take over the task but it won’t be the same.

    Have a great weekend xx


    1. Still a big tradition in this house. Stockings for everyone. It just seems a lot more expensive to fill them these days! We always open stockings on the bed before the three if us troupe downstairs.
      The first Christmas I was separated from my first husband my best friend surprised me with a stocking to open on Christmas Day. She knew there would be no one to make me one. My daughter was only 3. It was such a thoughtful gift. I was overcome.


    1. Sorry, I missed this comment! But yes, you were right. I’ve had to turn down further requests for fear of not getting my own gifts finished. So I now have a waiting list for next year!


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