Drowning in cake

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It’s Children in Need Day here in the UK. A day when the BBC and much of the British public throw themselves into raising money for children in need.
Last night, I came home to these.

Cup Cakes for Pudsey – Children in Need
Cup Cakes for Pudsey – Children in Need

I had quite a lump in my throat; I was so proud.
My daughter had made the cakes on Sunday and frozen them in the freezer. She made the icing on Wednesday after school and had almost finished with the piping bag when I got home yesterday.

Cup Cakes for Pudsey – Children in Need

Sold at school for 50p a cake, she’ll raise just short of £50! She is one of four who is organising an impromptu cake stall. I’m sure they won’t be standing around for long.

Cup Cakes for Pudsey – Children in Need

By the way, I’ve been baking too.

Chocolate Fudge Cake – Well it is my Birthday!

It’s my Birthday!

15th November 2013 010
Victoria Sponge

These are for the office; traditionally cakes are bought for your work colleagues on your birthday.
And our department is coincidentally hitting Leeds tonight.
So I might as well start on that cake.
Love, Lucie x


    1. To save a trip on the bus I dropped her off at school this morning. I saw a sight I have never seen before. All down the street were big gangs of teenagers walking to school in their onesies! Animal onsies, most of them. Ever so slightly sureal. I can’t see much work happening at school today.


    1. They were gone in 15 mins flat. She and her 3 friends took over £200 on their cake and Pudsey raffle stall at school. And they got a mention from their head of year ( it’s a huge school) in the afternoon assembly. They were so chuffed.


  1. Happy belated birthday and I hope it was a good one. Your daughter did a fantastic job with all those buns.

    The Mudlets went to school in their onesies yesterday and most of the staff were in their PJs, Little Mudlets teacher even brought her teddy bear 🙂 😉

    Enough buns had been baked for each child to have one in the morning and one in the afternoon (we are a small school remember) and much fun was had by all 🙂


    1. Freya’s school is a huge one (over 1300 pupils) but this didn’t seem to daunt these 4 12 year old girls. They took over £200 in just 20 mins on their cake and Pudsey raffle stall. They were so pleased. Freya said there was a queue the length of the sports hall. Imagine all those teenagers on their onesies!
      Just goes to show that it is not just a education they get at school.
      Had a great day yesterday. Sore head this morning but still managed a packed full day.


  2. Don’t know how I missed this post !!!! Happy (belated….) birthday. Hope you got lots of presents from the Birthday Bunny.

    Lots of lovely cakes all round. Well done to Freya and her friends for making such super cakes for CiN. Hope your work colleague enjoyed their cakes too xx


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