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I feel like being my own Town Cryer after my discovery this weekend.


This weekend I discovered that right here, in my own home town of Wakefield, was a very decent yarn shop of which I had absolutely no knowledge!

I only found it as I searched for nearby yarn shops in neighbouring towns, online on Ravelry.

I have lived here for approximately 15 years. I have previously only come across one wool shop in Wakefield, apart from a market stall which is marginally better. In said shop the term ‘wool’ can only be used to describe the yarn it sells in very loose terms. Whilst I’m sure this particular shop would order something in for you it is hardly inspiring when faced with only pink and blue scratchy, so called ‘baby yarn’ (I would rename it ‘cry-baby yarn’ myself. I am sure no baby would choose to have it against their skin) and other bobbly stuff collecting dust you would only find in an 80’s clearance bin.

Well, this new shop, Wool n Stuff, is fab-u-lous!

I shall forgive the owner of the shop who remarked, ‘you’re a bit behind the times, we’ve been here a year already!’ I’m sure she didn’t mean it quite how it sounded; I thought I could be forgiven for not passing a shop down a residential terrace, tucked behind ‘Booth’s carpet’s’, and ‘Floors to go’ on a daily basis.

And granted, she also couldn’t help that I had to pay 60p to the meter just to park outside the shop on a residential street with no other parked cars to be seen. That is our local city parking policy for you.
I can’t help but think that this is unfortunate for a new business. I am sure that many sales made in a yarn shop come off the back of ‘just popping in for a browse’. 60p would put many people off just browsing.

I’m sure I really didn’t see a ‘you can afford 60p’ look in her eyes when I asked her if there was alternative free parking nearby.

Anyway, beyond the dubious start to this financial relationship, I’m sure to purchase many a ball/skein from this shop in the future. The stock, the choice of colours, variety of yarn, the beautiful knitted garments and samples hung around the permises  will ensure many repeat returns.


I’ve not quite worked out if this is a good thing. This time I retreated with only 2 balls of merino for a pair of fingerless mits for next week’s colder weather.

Love, Lucie x


  1. Oooooo, maybe I’ll have to explore Wakefield one weekend. I have four places that sell wool locally but I can’t really say that any one of them is a REALLY good yarn shop. They all have different merits from really cheap to really expensive but sometimes you still can’t find what you are looking for. There is one in Huddersfield I have yet to explore and one in Denby Dale too. Joys to look forward to 😀


    1. Yes, but I’m going to try and work on that. Next time I’ll go in in my own knitted jumper, wearing my knitted cowl (when it’s finished) and maybe she’ll take me nore seriously.


  2. Isn’t it fun? I love finding new shops. We have one that sounds like it is in a similarly invisible location. With a clerk with a similar attitude. I say if they would do their marketing properly, you would not be a year late to the grand opening. But I am glad you found it and they have lovely stuff. Amazing to get out with only two balls of yarn…. Impressive. 🙂


    1. I got the impression that if I was serious about my knitting, I should have know about it. They certainly were not coming up on search engines until recently. But I’m so glad I’ve found it. It happens to be around the corner from where I do my grocery shopping which is rather too handy.


      1. yes, that is super to have one so close! And you ARE serious about your knitting, which is why you were looking for a new yarn store. They need to get over themselves. 🙂


    1. Yes, especially as I’ve just been tipped off by another blogger that there is an absolutely amazing place a couple of miles out of town. They even sell local hand dyed wool. I’m so excited. I’m going to have a look this weekend. AND they have a late night opening on a Tuesday!!


      1. I love wool shops, and I love going in and having a good browse. The worst ones are when they keep asking impatiently if they can help you so you feel as though you have to buy something and go. The best ones are where they let you alone to appreciate the wool, engage in chat, invite you to sit down and knit a bit and at no point make you feel like you should buy something. I always end up spending a fortune in those shops. That happened in Manchester at Purl City Yarns and I Knit London in Waterloo. The shop assistant greeted me, asked if I needed any help, then sat and got on with their knitting while I browsed and I ended up spending LOTS in their shops. Other not so well stocked shops have not been such a pleasant experience. Oh and I agree with you about parking. You have to want to go there to pay to park. I normally walk to my amazing LYS (I know I’m lucky) but if I didn’t want to walk I would pay. But I know they’re great.


        1. Well I’m looking forward to seeing this new one on Saturday. I shall leave my daughter at home and have a good browse.
          I now find myself googling wool shops whenever I’m on a work trip somewhere


    1. I don’t think she took me seriously. I don’t think she thought I was likely to be spending much time/money in her shop. I was wearing my biggest friendly face as I love to support local businesses. I shall return wearing nothing but hand knits.


  3. Great that you found your local yarn shop! I did the same as well, but my local yarn shop is too expensive, so i don’t buy much from them


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