Gecko madness

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A very strange thing happened on my blog during the month of August.
On the 20th July I posted about this lovely crochet make.

Free crochet gecko pattern
Free crochet gecko pattern

You can find this amazing free Gecko pattern by Raphaela Blumenbunt here

I pinned the Gecko image from my blog to my crochet Pinterest board with a link to my blog. It was immediately repinned and then it jetted off around the world!

I literally received hundreds of views daily. This in turn led to me receiving a lovely email from Raphaela thanking me for directing so much new traffic to her pattern.
I could tell from my stats page where my additional visitors were coming from. I could see that this pin had been repinned literally hundreds and hundreds of times, all over the world.
This has improved my viewing statistics no end allowing me to reach into a potential vast new audience.
So if you want more visitors you just have to find that one inspirational project photo (easier said than done), pin it and watch it fly!
Has anything you have done caused an interesting surge in numbers?
It seems to have all calmed down again now. My figures are back where they were about 4 weeks ago. I have a huge peak on my graph that I put down to Gecko Madness.

My crochet gecko
My crochet gecko

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I guess it’s the same sort of thing if you are chosen for WordPress ‘Freshly Picked’ . All of a sudden your views go through the roof and there are loads of comments to be read and answered (or not). Not that it’s happened to me but I see other bloggers reeling from the shock. A bit of a comedown afterwards though I guess, unless you manage to keep hold of some of those new readers.
    Lovely gecko by the way – shall I pin it?


      1. I think people probably do! I didn’t make mine too hard to enter (didn’t have to follow me on every social media network ever and reblog, etc.), they just had to follow my blog through WordPress or email notifications.


  2. Oh how lovely to have that surge. I had one surge from a Yarn Along when I mentioned a tale of Wife Selling! I’d sooner have had your surge! And I must have a go at the gecko!


    1. Ha, ha. I had another surge very early on when I mentioned Harry Potter in my title.
      Apparently ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘James Bond’ works well too. We’ll have to think up some Sci-fy related crafting


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