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It has been a long long time since I picked up my needles to knit anything but some flowers for a cushion.
The last time I knitted was for my daughter, as a baby, a good 12 years ago.
But, inspired by one of my favourite blogs, Mollie and Claire, I have been itching to take up my needles again and knit something for me.
Wakefield is appalling for yarn shops. There is one but nothing in there would inspire me to do anything. Just gaudy shiny colours of itchy yarn.
Nearby Horbury has a lovely small shop with a small range of the mainly more expensive yarns; not something for a novice like me.
So before our trip to Ripon, a couple of days ago, I googled yarn shops and stumbled upon a little jem in Alan’s Gallery and Kirkgate Yarns.
An uninspiring front shop window heavily disguised the treat that was the back room and Dorothy who advised me on my purchase.

Alan's Gallery and Kirkgate Yarns
Alan’s Gallery and Kirkgate Yarns

I wanted something modern so was introduced to the Bergere De France patterns.

After mistakenly choosing a pattern marked ‘expert’ we decided on this simpler pattern with this recycled cotton rich aran from Sirdar in grey.

As advised I have worked a test panel to check my tension and now I’m all ready to go. My first adult sized garment.

Just as I was about to write this post, this morning, I had to laugh as I read thelandroverswife’s post. It seems she too has been inspired by the same blog. Mollieandclaire; you have a lot to answer for!
Love, Lucie xx


  1. I like that pattern. It’s actually easier to find good wool shops here than good fabric shops – Bergère de France abounds of course but also a lot of Phildar. I don’t knit much anymore because I was finding that I didn’t actually wear anything that I made – not because I don’t knit well but because I don’t tend to wear a lot of knitted garments. However, every now and again I go back to it because it is the ideal thing to do in the colder evenings in front of the fire and, if the pattern’s not to complicated, whilst watching the T.V.
    Good luck with it – I’m sure it’ll turn out beautifully.


    1. I need to get a little faster but hopefully that will come. I just need to balance out my yarn projects with some textile ones. I feel I’m neglecting my sewing machine!


      1. Eek. What have you done? I went and bought that same book yesterday and some yarn. There’s a navy boat neck sweater in there that looks like something I might actually wear and it’s very easy so it will be my autumn, in front of the t.v., project.

        By the way, I see in later comments you worry about sewing it all up. I found the book ‘Stitch and Bitch’ very helpful with diagrams on how to block your work and also the different ways of joining different seams. However, I’m sure you’ll be able to find loads of help online. I have a ,go to’ tutorial on Youtube, saved in my bookmarks, that I watch every time I put a lapped zip in a garment.


        1. I’ve heard if that book so will look it up. I like things to look as professional as possible and I love a book.
          I love the navy boat neck too. Lovely and contemporary.
          I was surprised it only cost me £30 for the yarn and the book, and from a shop as well. Must be because it is a cotton I’ve bought.
          I prefer to layer than wear anything too thick and chunky.


  2. Lol – now if we could only get Claire hooked on vegetable growing we’d be about even I reckon 😀

    Love the pattern and wool and so does Eldest Mudlet who is sitting next to me (giving me a hint for Christmas i suspect ;))


  3. welcome to your new addiction! That will make a great first sweater, and it will go with everything – great choice.

    Glad you found a yarn store with things you like, Now, start to explore online. 🙂


    1. Ha, ha!
      I need to get my head around the different weights of yarns. I have found that when I have ordered new yarn (thankfully only in small quantities for crochet) over the net before, I have ended up with something different than I expected. So now I think I may stick to yarn I can see and feel before purchasing.


      1. I know what you mean. I often go into a store and just feel the yarn, and then I know what it is I am ordering if I do it later. That is, if I resist buying it in the store when I am there. 🙂


  4. It is great to have a bit of a change, maybe there is something in the air as I am also taking up my needles again. After finishing Miss E’s jumper I have dug out an old favourite cardigan pattern to knit for a friends little granddaughter who coincidentally is another Miss E.
    I love the pattern you have chosen the raglan shape on the shoulders is a really lovely feature. Happy knitting and I look forward to seeing your progress.


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