Relaxing in Ripon

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You know, sometimes you just need to get away? Just away from the chores? Somewhere not too far, with good food, a pretty street, a historic building or too?
This is why you find me in Ripon.
After reuniting briefly with my daughter I dropped her off at her dad’s to spend a week with her other family before she leaves us again for a week with her other grandparents. It sometimes seems she has to be split into many different bits to be shared by all those that want a piece of her. Roll on the school term when everything gets back to normal!
With our last holiday seemingly months ago and our next probably not til November we snatched a night away.
Without the time to ponder our accommodation choice Trip Advisor was dully consulted and hotel and restaurant booked. But look at the view from our bedroom window!

Ripon Cathedral through our bedroom window
Ripon Cathedral through our bedroom window

And look at these wonderful shutters!

We are staying at The Old Deanery. Originally the residence of the Dean of Ripon Cathedral. The building (the deanery) is so old the floors slope all over the place making you feel you’ve had too much wine.
It’s a real find.
The restaurant too was superb. The Samphire Bistro. We are not too spoiled for a great many good restaurants in Wakefield so are always surprised when we stumble upon somewhere so great without having to pay the earth for it.

Locally sourced American crayfish. They may be destroying the native species of our Yorkshire rivers but they tasted great with a picture of a salad with samphire, after which the restaurant was named.
Lemon tart complete with flying fruit and chocolate insect

We wondered back through the drizzle for a nightcap back at the deanery.

Ripon Catherdral
The Old Deanery in the drizzle
Couldn’t bear to close the shutters

Looking forward to a full Yorkshire breakfast this morning followed by a visit to Fountains Abbey before heading back home .
Love Lucie x


  1. I’m glad for the internet – I can see all of these wonderful things that I might never get to see in person. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you had a lovely time!


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