The most boring sewing job in the world

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What is your most boring sewing job?

Mine is taking up trousers.

After the pleasure of ordering some lovely smart trousers for work online in the sale (Reiss – I couldnt justify them at full price) and the smugness that comes with them fitting perfectly (give or take last nights flap jack from my daughter’s home economics class) they hang around on a coat hanger for at least a week ( or 3) while I get around to taking them up.

Now I know I am on the small to medium side in the height department, at 5 ft 3, but where are all these 6ft women that these trousers were obviously made for?

Even in my heels I can always be sure of cutting at least 8 inches off the bottom.

So after being taunted by them for a week or two and not being able to justify buying them, and not wearing them, any longer, I get them down from the hook slung over the top of the wardrobe door.

I unpick the hems – boring

Iron the creases out – boring

Get out of my lounging around evening attire, take off my slippers and put on my heels – annoying

Pin them to the correct length – yawning already

Cut a load of material off the bottom as I seem to have an 8 inch turn up – still boring

Try them on again in the heels and re pin – yawn

Check for correct amount of front crease just breaking as it hits my shoe.


No, too long for the puddles.

Repin again.

Take them downstairs to iron (running past the windows in my knickers)

Take them back up stairs to try on again, just to check; you see I’ve been caught out before – still bored

Turn trousers inside out, cut to right length and zig zag the cut fabric on my machine wishing I had an overlocker – yawn, yawn, yawn

Take downstairs to hand sew a pair of dark trousers with dark thread in the dimming natural light.

Swear as the cotton runs out just before getting to the end of each leg. – Happens EVERY time

Press again with the iron – losing the will to live.

Try on again with the heels.

Go to bed.

A whole evening of unenjoyable sewing to look forward too.

I have two pairs.


Love, Lucie xx


  1. I wish I shared your pain! I am one of those tall women, and I’ve never taken up a hem for myself, ever. In fact, most RTW trousers are a touch too short, and letting them down is just as tedious as you described in your post. Thank goodness for cropped trousers!


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