The long and the short of it – CAL week 3

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After starting two weeks late I have finally caught up with the CAL, run by Hannah of NOT-YOUR-AVERAGE-CROCHET but it has not been without some trauma.

My beautiful stash
My beautiful stash

Gorgeous, aren’t they?

The long and the short of it is I thought my first attempt ended up too short (too narrow). My mis-calculation of the stitches has meant my second attempt is very long (wide).

I had no idea it was quite so long until I laid the second one out. At 2.25m it is wide enough for a king sized double bed, including some way down the sides!

The long and the short of it
The long and the short of it

It is over double the width of the original. I have no excuse. I can work out the cost of a multi million pound construction scheme but I can not work out the number of stitches for a medium sized crochet blanket.

CAL week 2

Do I start again, a third time?

No, I will continue with what I will rename as ‘the enormous blanket’. I might need a wheel barrow to transport it once i’ve finished.

I hate to mention that the crochet trauma continued with the following three rows being undone and redone as I had managed to introduce an additional treble per catherine wheel.

This was meant to be a calming, serene piece of work I could pick up once a week!

This is Week 3 CAL is now completed.

CAL Week 3
CAL Week 3

It will all go swimmingly from now on.

Love, Lucie xx

Why don’t you have a gander at these fellow bloggers’ blankets – bet they’re not as big as mine!!


  1. One thing I like about crochet is that it is so much easier to undo than knitting. This is beautiful so far Lucie – I love the colours and different stitches. Almost makes me want to take it up again myself.


    1. That’s one of the reasons I like it so. You can even take away the hook and use it in something else. I am enjoying this CAL process. My partner has just taken a new job away so I’m looking forward to getting back on my sewing machine next week without being unsociable.


      1. Yes definitely! I’m not usually a regular counter when I do crochet but some of these rows are so difficult to keep count of that I’m now counting at the end of every row to make sure!


  2. oh, your blanket is going to be so pretty! I love the colors. Are you going to keep going with both of them? I have an idea about how to now undo the big one but not end up with a gigantor blanket…use it sideways, and just stop when the width is right – so make what you have now be the length. I have been loving this CAL, I am glad you are able to join us and got caught up so thoroughly!


    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. No, I’m just going to continue with the large one and probably undo the small one. I have so many other projects I want to keep up with. Yes, I too thought I could stop a little early. We’ll see how it develops.
      I love the CAL. It’s great to be part of something a lot of us are doing and compare other colour schemes.


        1. Yes, I love it. I’ll hopefully get it down to just 2 evenings a week from now on. I have a hundred and one things I’d like to be doing at the same time!


  3. I got carried away with a crochet blanket once. It’s huge! I took it to the family cottage and it’s the blanket everyone fights over on those cool autumn nights because it’s so big and warm. Yours looks so bright and colorful – I love it!


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