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Elsecar March 2013

This is me. In fact this is me at my second ‘not very sucessful’ craft fair.
Mind you my stall, if not my sales, has made some progress.

My very first stall
My very first stall at Cedar Court Hotel Feb2013

I cringe when I look at this photo. Funnily enough I took the most that day, out of all my craft fairs so far.

My second stall
My second stall at Elsecar Heritage Centre Mar2013

Note the fabulous use of garden trellis to give my display ‘height’.

My third stall
My third stall at the National Mining Museum, Easter 2013

More stock at more varying prices to entice more punters

My fourth stall
My fourth stall at Wakefield Farmer’s and Craft Market Apr2013

Note the new banner so people ‘remember’ me.

1st blog post complete!!


    1. I’ve just re-read your comment and realised what you’ve said!!! I would be absolutely delighted for you to share this blog post.
      I’m very new to blogging as you can see!!!!!


  1. great idea about using the trellis, do you secure it to the table in any way?
    I have a free standing one but would be concerned about it getting knocked over.
    Thanks also for stopping by my blog and liking my post 🙂


    1. Hello dartmoorcrafts.
      At each corner I have 2 pieces of trellis tied together with cable ties to form a ‘hinge’ so I can pack it away flat in the car. Then I secure the now ‘L’ shaped trellis to the table with large plastic sprung clamps. They look like large plastic pliers. Type plastic sprung clamps into google. They come in various sizes which is handy for various tables. A couple of pounds each


  2. Hi – Your craft store looks awesome and your can really see the progression, you have done so well :D. I would love to do craft stalls but I wouldn’t know where to start.

    Looking forward to following along with your craft adventures xxx


    1. Thank you so much for the blog encouragement. X
      Craft stall wise, you can see that I didn’t have much of an idea to begin with! Once I make up my mind I seem to jump straight in.


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