Craft sales, I wish

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I have confidence in my product. I think my stall looks pretty good, if I say so myself.
I have made sales right across my range. I have masses of browsers and loads of positive comments.


So why the poor sales?

No one has any money
I think this is the big one. Very few are flippant with their spending these days. People are prepared to buy for gifts but not for themselves. A couple of bowsers have asked, ‘Are you here next month when it’s Aunty Flo’s birthday?’ So folks want to buy but can’t buy that week.

Wrong venue
I have tried a hotel craft fair- a warm comfortable venue. Plenty of footfall but seen by most as a short trip out of the house away from the TV.
A large engine shed at a heritage centre with museum, indoor and out play centre, cafe, other shops, and lots of trains and other industrial heritage pieces. – a great selection of stalls but the near freezing temperatures might have kept the punters away.
National mining museum. A popular underground mine on site with cafe and children’s play centre.
Great footfall. No spenders
Wakefield Town Centre Farmers, produce and craft fair. Wakefield is suffering at the moment like many northern towns and cities. The growing number of empty shops tells a tale. The council are promoting local monthly fairs with great covered stalls at really cheap rates to promote footfall into the centre. Great footfall. Great browsers. Great feedback. Business cards requested. Few spenders.

Wrong products
Would I buy these products? I would buy them if I had a specific need for a gift. But I, like I think most people these days, could not justify spending on a frivolity. However I would spend on something both lovely and useful. Note to self – make more useful but still lovely stuff.

Not engaging with the customer.
Still trying out both the ‘sit back and let the customer browse in peace’, and the ‘stand and smile encouragingly’. Next I’m trying out, ‘engaging with the customer’!! Personally I would prefer to look in peace but maybe that’s just me.

Wrong time of year
Speaking to other stall holders the start of the year is always poor with sales growing throughout the year. They have also commented that this year is particularly bad.

Wrong weather
Too bloody cold!!!!

Wrong prices
I am keen not to undersell myself. Similar products sell for greater prices on the net and boutique gift shops. I sell right across my range to folks with gifts to buy for.

I will persevere in my quest for sales!

By the way, here’s a little gift I made for a friend’s birthday this weekend.



  1. Awww hun I am sure everything will soon come together, your stall looks so good and your crafty pieces are adorable.
    I am probably your worst type of browser, I look to get inspiration of things to make myself and I always think there are never enough craft ‘do it yourself’ kits around. Those owl pillows especially would make a brilliant ‘make it yourself kit’! I don;t know if it would appeal to many people but I would certainly love it!


      1. Oh I am so glad I have given you an idea πŸ˜€
        The GBSB has truly inspired a lot of people to start getting crafty, you would be silly not to exploit that! Hehe πŸ˜€
        god luck, and I would love to see what you come up with if you do decide to go down that road xxx


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