Grainline Linden

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I’m pretty sure the Grainline Linden was first published in 2014, over 5 years ago!

Well, it’s still going strong and here’s my version.

I’ve had this cream french terry/woven combo in mind for months. I have a very old Boden white sweater that uses the same principal.

I bought the fabric specifically for this project from Abakhan Mostyn earlier on in the year. It was from their ‘bins’ so was dirt cheap. I reckon I’ve made this for less than a tenner with fabric for another combo left over.

It feels a lot pricier than that.

I think the back and cream ribbing really lifts it out of the ordinary. I thrifted it off a ‘ready to wear’ sweater that was just a peculiar shape and too short. Unfortunatley the neck ribbing has 2 seams in it from the original jumper but I doubt anyone will notice!

I’ve kept the remaining rtw sweater jersey too, for true thrifting purposes!

I made a straight size 6 in accordance with my bust measurement.

I checked the finished garment measurements and didn’t see any necessity to size up for the woven front.

In order not to have a ‘cold front’, I lined the fine birdy poly blend with a soft brushed cotton fabric, so the front is actually 2 layers.

Love my Linden

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Great Linden and I really like how you’ve incorporated the ribbing. It looks super with the fabric you’ve chosen. Interesting that you didn’t need to size up at all, but then I suppose French Terry isn’t particularly stretchy.

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