Utu skirt – Breaking the Pattern – goes on tour in Cambodia

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We don’t often travel this far afield but seeing Angkor Wat in Cambodia had been on my bucket list for a good few years. So this is were we spent an amazing couple of weeks in November.

We had a mixture of relaxation and sightseeing planned and I needed to add some ‘bottoms’ to my wardrobe.

Long distance flights can play havoc with my waist line so I though an adjustable wrap skirt would be particularly useful and this cropped Utu Skirt was just what I had in mind.

This is the Utu Skirt from the Breaking the Pattern book. It’s the first thing I’ve made from it. It won’t be the last.

I particularly love how the four waist darts elevate it from a rectangular wrap into one with some shape.

There’s a wide interfaced self-fabric belt that is incorporated into the side seam along with some d-rings that are sewn into the other side.

Pity I sewed the belt in upside down!

This was made from some very reasonable cotton lawn that I had picked up at Bombay Stores in Bradford . It is slightly stiffer than you would expect from a cotton lawn, which gave this skirt some structure, along with the interfaced facings on the inside.

I shortened the pattern by 3 inches for this cropped version. I also increased the overlap by 2 inches (by simply widening each end by 2 inches), after reading on other reviews that the overlap was not quite as overlapped as it could be and I needed to be decent as I sat down! I’m glad I took this step.

I wore it time and time again. An incredibly successful make!

But I didn’t stop there. I needed some appropriate modest attire for temple visiting in Siem Reap and they are really quite strict.

So these 2 are longer versions especially for temple visiting. I added 3 inches to the original pattern length. Pictures taken on the hop!

These are both out of ‘Eudermic’ linen from MyFabrics, which I never knew was an actual thing but can confirm they were both ‘soft to the skin’ which was good as sometimes I find linen can be a bit itchy.

For those who may be interested here’s some of the amazing things went to see. A truly memorable trip.

Love, Lucie xx

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