Sewing catch up – well it has been 18 months!

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Where did that time go? Well nowhere really. Just time spent working, cycling with my club, looking after my garden, the house and my family. Plenty of crochet and embroidery, but not much sewing.

Until now……………..

Now the sewing mojo has well and truely returned.

Last October to be exact. I can’t remember why. Oh yes, I do!!

A new smart TV meant I stumbled upon the wonderful world that is Youtube. I knew it existed but I had no idea what wonderful sewing vlogs were waiting for my viewing.

Sewoverit, Stitched up, The Stitch Sisters, Saturday Night Stitch, The Fold Line, I Sew Alot , Athina Kakou, Sewisfaction and so so many more. My husband thinks I’m obsessed.

So to get in the zone, in October I remade an old favourite. A Tilly and the Buttons Coco in a scuba with stretchy bonded lace from my stash from Fabworks.

Tilly and the Buttons Coco

And then my first Sew House 7  Toaster #1 in a stable knit off ebay.

December next and a Tilly and the Buttons Freya from the Stretch Book in Leopard (or is that cheetah) bought from Coalville Fabrics on facebook. That smile looks a little forced!

Tilly and the buttons Freya
Followed by another on New Years Day- think this one is cheetah.

Tilly and the buttons Freya

In January I was in topstitching heaven with my Christmas coverstitch machine (OH located nearly new but actually new, on ebay). Another Toaster#1!!

Sew House Seven Toaster#1

And then I ventured down an alley I’d never been down before, activewear using some cheap lycra from Fabworks. So chuffed with these Jalie Cora Leggings.Jalie Cora leggings

Another Toaster, but this time Toaster#2. Not so happy with how this swings from my boobs and the shoulders came out too narrow from an incorrectly constructed neck.Sew House Seven Toaster#2

But slimming it down, constructing the neck correctly and adding cuffs resulted in a lovely cosy camel knit (Fabworks) for work.Sew House Seven Toaster 2

Finally another first, my first foray into trousers following the Sew Over It online course for the Carrie and Ultimate Trousers.
So completely pleased with these. Sewn really just for practice as they came first with the course. I really didn’t expect to like the silhouette.
Sew Over It Carrie Trousers

So the sewjo is well and truely back. 9 items in 4 months! Admittedly, the cold weather helps to keep one indoors but I’m busy daydreaming fabric and patterns and sewing when I should be doing other things.

For this weekend my plan is finishing the Sew Over It course with a well fitted pair of Ultimate Trousers, and some camouflage gym leggings and a gym tank and a lot more YouTube, any suggestions?

Love, Lucie x


  1. Welcome back! Are you here to stay?
    I’ve made a pair of the Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers and, if you get the fit right, they’re great. I then moved into jeans, which didn’t work out quite so well (see last sentence!!).
    I can’t possibly move into watching podcasts – I already spend too much time at a screen – I usually only get drawn in if I’m looking for info on something in particular.
    Did you use your coverstitch machine to make your leggings? Is it possible on an ordinary overlocker do you think or might there be a nasty mishap in the down dog position?


    1. I’m here to stay. I’ve been avidly reading the reviews of others before I put needle to fabric for each make, so it appears there is still a need for the written word.
      I used the overlocker on the leggings with no mishaps but the plan is to coverstitch the seams with the cover stitch.
      As when you first get your overlocker, with the coverstitch machine there is a period of patience, love and hate, twiddling knobs and swearing. I think my first successful time was just luck. 😉
      I really want the Ultimates to be a success. I hate buying trousers with a passion. Worse than buying sports bras and possibly jeans.

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  2. Welcome back to sewing! I love the Sew Over It patterns, you should join the pdf club! Just to let you know there’s plenty of people like the ‘written word’ …. Instagram isn’t for everyone! Something to read at breakfast, preferably sewing based for me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sally. I have just this week joined the SOI pdf club! It was daft not to, when you get a free pattern anyway. Have you made much from SOI?
      I like Blogs too. Lunchtimes at work is my reading time;)


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