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One of the things I really enjoy about my current love of embroidery is the really quick turn around of satisfying projects, each completely different from the last.

Last week’s project even saw me dusting off my sewing machine for the first time in months, so that’s got to be a good thing.

I choose a pattern out of my Zakka Embroidery book

Zakka Embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi

This one in fact.

Taken from Zakka Embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi

I used this ingenious productimg_6229

You can print or draw on it. Then you peel off the back and stick it to your fabric.

It is just transparent enough to trace a pattern as well, which is what I did.


About 3 hours of stitching later, spread over 4 nights

Then time for the magic as you wash away the transfer fabric

The completed articleimg_6289

This is what I turned it into last weekend, a jewelry pouch.

img_6305It’ll get so much use. I use these pouches in my ‘bling tin’ to keep my necklaces and bracelets from becoming entwined and tangled up. I need at least another couple.

The weather kept us indoors all last weekend, it was proper Yorkshire grey, cold and wet.

But a weekend put to good use, just the same. Whilst my other half re grouted the shower tiles, a job I was pleased not to be doing, I striped back and re waxed our much used kitchen table.

So, with a little help from Utube, from this

to thisimg_6266
to finally thisimg_6268Having never done it before, incredibly satisfying, I must say.13021232-b3a4-43ee-acbe-3611269b8e60

Busy, busy, busy.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. well done on that table. I had never thought of making little bags to keep necklaces from tangling . thank you for that one.
    Last weekend was awful agreed but its been a bit better here so I had a ride this morning. Hopefully next weekend will be OK


  2. You really make me want to try embroidery but it’s not something I’ve ever really been interested in doing and it might be one craft too many. A shame because I love the results. Maybe one day……

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  3. I have purchased this book after have seen it on your blog. It is worth every single cent I’ve spent on it ! What a beautiful designs! I have already a lot of ideas for next Christmas πŸ™‚

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