Crochet pattern testing

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More pattern testing, but crochet this time.

When a call came out from Nela, a fellow blogger, blogging at Crochet Hometo pattern test her latest square pattern, I couldn’t resist.

Please take a trip across to her site. Lovely photos, lovely crochet.

The pattern she needed testing was her new Colour Keeper square and I’m always a sucker for contemporary crochet.

Crochet Home Colour Keeper

With no alterations to the pattern, just a couple of more words suggested here and there, these are mine.

Colour Keeper square

Aren’t they pretty.

Colour Keeper squareColour Keeper square

The Nela has made hers up into a cushion.

Crochet Homecrochet-flower-pillow

This really appeals to me, I love her colours.

The pattern is now published. You can find it here, in her Etsy shop, at a very reasonable price! She’ll be adding the cushion pattern too, soon.

Isn’t this community wonderful? However else would you converse and interact with a fellow crochet lover from a different part of the world?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I love your squares and her work is stunning. You could use that pattern for many items. It makes me think of spring.


  2. Love those flowers but I really, really love the orange blanket. If I ever decided to take up crochet again, that’s what I would want to make. Is it one of Nela’s?


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