And then there was one!

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As I had hoped, the cable pattern finally became ingrained in my brain.
I got faster and faster. I enjoyed seeing each repeat forming from my needles.
I had no idea how the thumb might be formed but the Beira fingerless gloves pattern’s clear explanation made it (almost) childs play.

beira fingerless gloves
The first of my Beira fingerless gloves

It is unblocked but already looks pretty good!

beira fingerless gloves2
I thought I might have a rest between gloves but guess what? Buoyed by my momentum, I’ve cast on the second!

beira fingerless gloves3

I might actually get to wear these before the daffodils appear.
Oh, they are already out where you are?
I’d better get cracking.

Love, Lucie x


  1. I expect you are glad you persevered the mitten looks great! I do have a few daffodils in a pot but the ones in the pot tend to come up earlier than ones in the garden and they aren’t open yet.


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