Flying February

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Is February flying by for you? It is me.

I think it is in part to the new job at work and also the mere fact that there are only 28 days.

It’s good in some ways. Pay day comes around quicker.

But bad in others. I’ve not really started on my next Minerva Crafts garment make which I’m due to post about in just over a week’s time.

At least I’ve made my toile.

Yes, it’s a dress! – Sorry it’s dark.Cowl Dress 10/2012 #118A

In fact it is this dress – Cowl Dress 10/2012 #118A from Burda Style.Cowl Dress 10 2012 #118A

I’m never brave enough, or daft, to go straight to the fabric and have always made a toile. Something doubly important when cutting into fabric provided for you by another. There’s no making this twice!
Experience has taught me there is always an alteration to be made.
Usually I’m taking in at the waist but this time the opposite is true. I’m letting out at the waist and taking in up the back.

My fabric is non-stretch so I have to give myself room to breath.

This fabric is lovely and soft. It comes under the title of  ‘ Blue ultra soft floral jacquard designer dress fabric’. There’s not much blue about it; it’s more grey.

It drapes beautifully but pattern matching down the back seam is proving a bit of a beast. The flowers are about 4 inches across.

Note to self. Next time choose smaller pattern or order more fabric.

I was going to make a shorter top version but I’ve decided to go the whole hog and make the dress. I can always cut the bottom off later ;). The front section is cut on the bias and with the extra fabric required for the cowl, and the gathers on the side, it takes a whole heap of fabric.

Just a weekend to turn it around then!

Love, Lucie xx


  1. That dress is going to look lovely Lucie. I hear you on February flying by! Those Minerva projects seem to come round quickly some months, don’t they?


    1. Now, that’s a hard one to answer! I always aim not to sew to a deadline but it doesn’t usually work. But without a deadline things wouldn’t get done at all. I’m looking forward to sewing the dress but I know I’ll be pretty shattered at the end, when I should be having some down time, preparing for my working week. I haven’t really answered your question. I’m in two minds about the answer!


    1. I would like to think so. I just need to get set up right, with my ironing board brought up stairs and a good clear surface to work off. And then some decent light to take photos!


      1. I am so jealous of you Brits – you get just enough snow to think it is special, and you don’t have to shovel rain! Having this much for a long time gets claustrophobic after a while. At least they downgraded our foot to three inches today. I wish they would do a better job predicting…


  2. That’s a nice pattern – I thought it looked as if it was made in a knit fabric but I see it’s not. Be interesting to see the finished dress – the one you can’t see your knickers through 😉

    It seems to me that all time flies by these days, not just February.


    1. It was a cowl for a non stretch I was particularly looking for. I ordered the material but it was too large a pattern for a structured top. It draped so beautifully, it was crying out for a drapey pattern. Having said that, it’s been made up in stretch by so many others. Isn’t wonderful to just type a pattern into google/Pinterest and see all the others that have been made from a particular pattern?


  3. You are good making a toile – I have NEVER made one! I always dive straight in and make fitting changes as I go. Too impatient, that’s me. Love the style of the dress, especially the folds which would hide my belly to a certain degree. Don’t you just love the things that men come out with?!


    1. Most of my evening frocks have folds across the belly! I like being able to eat plenty when I go out and the folds hide the diner paunch!
      I have got into the habit of always making a toile. When I first started dressmaking I thought that was what everyone did, having read all those blogs! I’ve kept each one. It’s my way of recording what I had to do to each garment so it’s quick to make up next time.
      I might hem my toile and appear it in one evening, just before we are ready to go out!

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