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I’m aware I’ve not blogged much recently. I blame the fine weather keeping me in the garden and also my upcoming wedding.
I try to complete a small wedding job everyday. Whether it is updating my guest list, answering an email or researching ‘mini-moon’ venues for a couple of nights away after the event. I find doing something everyday stops the panic rising and switches off those busy voices in my head thus allowing me to sleep!

However, every evening I do a little knitting or crochet.

I’ve just finished these socks.Pink knitted socks

Although I somehow felt a bit of a fraud it made a lovely change, working up a pair of socks in DK.

RICO design creative micro print dk
RICO design creative micro print dk

They were not without incident. After admitting to myself that my previous 2 pairs have been a little on the roomy side, I came down one size and cast on the number of stitches for a ‘large child’. All was going well until somehow I started the toe too soon.
On trying them on I found the heel disappearing under my foot. After much muttering I convinced myself that they would stretch, and left them out to block.

Spot the difference?
Spot the difference?

However last night, seeking perfection, I undid the toes and added another half inch. I used the brown section of the stripy yarn for both toes.

I’m glad I did.

The weather has turned cold again. This bank holiday weekend I’ll be doing a lot less of this.

Socks in the sun
Socks in the sun

And more of wearing thesePink knitted socks


Love, Lucie x





  1. Ooh wedding projects! I have so many to start I’m thinking I should probably take your approach and do a bit everyday…. 6 months to go yet for me for the past 6 months have flown by!


  2. Well they will be warm and cosy in DK. I made bed-socks in DK and it did seemed easier and quicker than 4 ply. Your wedding should definitely take priority over blogging much as I enjoy your posts.


  3. Lovely but I’m not sure they will go with the rest of your wedding outfit. Or perhaps they will! We don’t know yet what you’re wearing.


  4. Love the socks, Ive only ever knit one pair for myself before, and just about managed it, but will have try again šŸ˜€


    1. My first pair took me forever. But I’m a lot faster now, to the point where I really need something with a pattern in it to keep me interested. Try a pair in dk. They fly!


  5. The socks turned out lovely. The yarn you choose is a beautiful color and it looks so soft. It’s always fun to read your blog posts. I hope your week is going well.


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