New yarn for the sock KAL

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In preparation for KnittingSarah’s sock KAL I took a trip to my favourite wool shop, Unravel, in Denby Dale last Saturday. Well I didn’t really need an excuse. And they did have a sale on.
This one came out of the sale bucket.

RICO design creative micro print dk
RICO design creative micro print dk

The rest did not. Oops!

Stylecraft Aviemore 4 ply sock yarn
Stylecraft Aviemore 4 ply sock yarn


Wendy Happy 4  ply Bamboo sock yarn
Wendy Happy 4 ply Bamboo sock yarn

It looks like I’m into my stripes!

I was also pleased to find that they sold these.

Addi 20cm 2.75mm circular needle
Addi 20cm 2.75mm circular needle

And what a difference it has made!


Super quick and no ladders!
I’ll have to switch back to the dpns for the heel and the toe but I won’t mind that.

So I’m all set for Sarah’s sock KAL. For a little sock knitting every day for a year!
How many of you are also joining in?

Love, Lucie xx


  1. i love the yarn and that addi circular needle is great, didn’t know you could get them that short, that would make a big difference to knitting socks, i might just join this KAL too, but will have to get me some yarn and that addi needle first – thanks for sharing !!


    1. Its super quick and no need to ‘finish a needle’ before putting it down and answering someone’s need for ‘mum!!!!’ or ‘where are the scissors?’ or ‘ I can’t find my sports bra!’


  2. Not experienced enough in knitting as I just learned…but you make it look so easy!! In due course! Yarn in beautiful!


  3. I don’t want to sound picky as this is a genuine query but the caption says 2.75mm but the needles shown say 3.75. I wondered if you were using 2.75 or 3.75? because I have been using 2.5mm for 4ply sock wool and 3.5 for DK socks and I also have a pair of 3mm that someone gave me because they couldn’t get on with them. Not sure which to use for my next pair.

    If you are using 3.75 I wondered if they made a good sock?


    1. Very keen eyes! I bought 2 sets. A 2.75mm and this 3.75mm for the thicker yarn. I am using the 2.75mm for my second sock (using the sock yarn) which is working up the same as the first sock on the 2.5mm dpns. My tension and regularity has improved so they are working up the same.


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