Cable scarf – the penultimate session

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Last night my OH had a night away to enjoy a Christmas session with old friends. Old friends from the town from where I had enticed him away with my crochet and seamstress charms. Ha! No, not really, but perhaps with my baking……

Anyway this gave me a good 2 1/2 hour knitting window to work on the cable scarf.
Do you remember this one?

cable scarf
Classic cable scarf. Click on the image to take you to the free pattern on ravelry

Last night another 6 inches was achieved.

My Classic Cable scarf
My Classic Cable scarf

So another 6 inches to go and then some secret blocking, where in the house, I don’t know.

Classic Cable scarf

But good news. I finish work at lunchtime today for a whole fortnight!
A small aperitif in the pub will be taken to show festive spirit, then home to a hairdressers appointment, where I’m sure they’ll be waiting on a huge festive tip.
Finally out with the OH for a bite to eat, somewhere with a roaring fire and the share of something red and fruity.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. I’m starting to think you will use any excuse to put the photo of that scrummy man on here again – not that I’m complaining.
    Your charcoal coloured version looks great – I’m making a cropped cardigan at the moment which also has cable but can’t find my cable needle so am using a toothpick!!
    Have a great ‘end of work before Christmas’ day and good luck with the blocking.


  2. I’ve just knitted a scarf for a man. (Much simpler pattern – I haven’t done cable yet) but I wasn’t sure if to give it a fringe. Seeing the pic of the guy wearing the scarf I think I was right to not have one.


  3. Lol, much as I appreciate a nice bit of eye candy whatever the time of day or night, I too suspect ulterior motives behind you choice of scarf 🙂 😀

    I do like the colour you’ve chosen and I do hope you manage to find the time for the last few inches without resorting to secret knitting during the wee small hours 🙂


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