Taste of summer

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There is nothing that conjures up the taste of summer, especially spread on a hot toasted crumpet in the depths of winter, like homemade strawberry jam.

I remember picking strawberries from local fruit farms as a child back home in North Wales with my mum and brother.

I’m keen to create such memories for my daughter, Freya.

This weekend was such a time.

Our destination was Bentley Grange Farm, a couple of miles away.
The strawberries, not grown on the floor but off waist-high tables, were sweet, delicious and bountiful.
We quickly half filled 3 small buckets ( I had learnt on many previous occasions that buckets filled to the top means many squished strawberries!) and headed back home to make jam.




I also made these delicious deconstructed cheese cake deserts, recipe and photo by Kate’s creative space

Strawberry cheesecake cocktails
Strawberry cheesecake cocktails

Mine didn’t hang around long enough to take (remember to take) a photo!
Love, Lucie xx


  1. The jam looks gorgeous – and mmm, the thought of crumpets makes me long, briefly, for crisp Autumn days! So glad you tried the desserts and enjoyed them… x


  2. There is hardly anything better than homemade strawberry jam made with freshly picked strawberries. One thing I’ve always wondered though…what exactly is a crumpet?


    1. Ha, ha! I had no idea that crumpets were uniquely British. You are so missing out! Basically it’s a pancake batter with yeast in it. It is cooked by pouring the batter into 1/2 inch deep metal rings laid out on a hot flat griddle. Bubbles form while they are cooking leaving behind holes in the crumpet through which, once toasted afterwards, your melted butter and jam seep through. Yummm, delicious!


      1. Well, I feel kind of stupid now. Crumpets aren’t “uniquely” British after all. The way you describe them sounds like our “English muffins.” I love them! Especially with lots of butter. Thanks for clearing that up for me. From now on I’ll use the word crumpet instead of English muffin. It will make me feel quite refined.


  3. Yummy strawberry jams! Don’t we, all women, love those home made jars of summer goodness? Add tags and cover to that and you can be a houseproud hostess. Irresistible with scones, biccies and other scrumptious bakes. mmm…

    lovely blog. added yours to my blog roll 🙂


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