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I have been trawling my crochet Pinterest board as inspiration for a holiday crochet takeaway.

I want something that doesn’t require me to refer constantly to a pattern and something that doesn’t require too much counting for when I pause to accept a glass of wine, or perhaps an olive or two, whilst I sit and gaze across the shimmering turquoise sea, adjusting my hat and my lounger as the sun moves around the bay. 

Ahem! Back to the reality of a my day job in a cloudy chilly Leeds.

So I think I’ve decided upon this

Crochet cushion inspiration
Crochet cushion inspiration

Or at least I will use this for inspiration.

There are lots of examples of this type of work on this website here

A cushion cover crocheted in natural dishcloth cotton.

I’ll probably close up the gaps to the background grid slightly. I will incorporate some minky coloured crochet cotton to make some of the featured swirls. I might even design/makeup the swirly pattern in a more free hand way. 

It depends on how how chilled I am and which way the sun is shining………..

English: View on the harbour from the main roa...
View of Kalkan habour, Turkey


    1. But strictly only for the plane and the balcony. I have a new stock of books on my kindle and some crafty/home design magazines saved up for the pool and the beach. Crochet cotton and suntan lotion shouldn’t mix.
      And I would be accused of ‘not switching off’ however bizarre that sounds!!!


  1. Great choice, that rug is amazing. I just took some cotton to make simple dishcloths, no pattern required. They don’t get so anxious about a crochet hook at the airport. Knitting needles, even wooden ones are at risk of being removed.


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