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I think I can finally see some light at the end of a present making tunnel!

May I present Perry. Perry the Puppy

Crochet puppy

He is destined for a recent addition to our extended family. Two year old Oscar.Crochet puppy

It was a FREE pattern and can be found here.

Unfortunately the pattern is in Spanish and was also a pdf so I couldn’t use a translator thingy. However having made one or two crochet amigurumi before I found it very simple to translate and follow. The puppy came together like a dream.

This being my last week of work before our 2 week Christmas break (the beauty of working in the construction industry!)I also made 4 dozen of these to take into work. My husband asked if he could submit an invoice for the ingredients. I told him to stop being so bah-humbug.Mince pies

Looking at these photos, I’ve just realised I’ve forgotten to sew on his tail.IMG_8623

Just the gecko and cat to finish then.Crochet puppy

Love, Lucie xx


        1. Well I do and I don’t. A ‘normal’ holiday fades away very quickly but I’ve come away with so many special vivid memories this time that it still feels fresh in my mind.
          I think it helps that Christmas is NEXT WEEK and so it wasn’t straight back into a work mountain without any breaks to look forward to.


  1. Very cute! Plus – a very sensible and unselfish attitude to dog ownership. Too many people go out for hours and hours and leave dogs alone. Sorry to come over all ‘preachy’.


    1. Not preachy at all. I get quite upset when I see a dog in a cage in a house. We were brought up with Spaniels but my parents owned a hotel/B&B so there was always someone home.


  2. He’s very cute! I’m going to try and make some cats from the Ed’s Animals book for my friend’s baby. I’m doing them in the colours of her actual cats. Have you seen that book? I love it!


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