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All my wedding invitations have safely made their way to their destinations so I thought I might now share them with you.Handmade wedding invitiations

I had great plans of paper cutting each invitation by hand but I was foiled by both time and good common sense. I quickly came to the realisation that this was indeed a pipe dream only achievable without a full time job or the numerous other projects I had on the go at the same time.Handmade wedding invitiations

I think what I eventually came up with embraced an element of what I originally had in mind but were much more achievable.

I was very pleased with the resulting invitation. Many of my recipients did not realise I had made them so my hope that they would look professional was achieved. Handmade wedding invitiations

These were all produced at a fraction of the cost of purchasing custom printed wedding invitations. Whilst I’m happy to purchase items I cannot make myself (e.g. wedding rings! ) there is something very satisfying at producing something that can be passed off as a professional product.Handmade wedding invitiations

Quite simply these were made up from card supplies from my local craft shop and a couple of Tonic edge punches to create the edge detail and the delicate band.

Handmade wedding invitiations

The corner punch gave the card inserts a nicely rounded edge, finishing them off nicely.

Corner punch

The Tonic edge punches were so easy to use. Just a little care was needed to line up the previous punch with the next one to get things looking nice and even.Tonic border punchTonic border punch


After some ridiculous quotes from local printers I finally ended up at the Staples stationary chain where I couldn’t fault the service. The young girl pointed out to me all my spelling mistakes(!) and aligned the wording for me.

The band I sealed with a little glue to create a wrap around the invitiation.

Handmade wedding invitiations


And voila!Handmade wedding invitiations


Love, Lucie xx





  1. very nice! I love the cut-outs. I’ve been handmaking all my wedding invites too…. I’ve so far managed half of them but it’s so time-consuming! I’m regretting all the fiddly bits and pieces that are involved with mine haha. blog post to follow shortly (or in a few months, depends how long they take to finish….)


    1. Thanks. I’m trying to keep everything professional looking. My OH has threatened he won’t turn up to the wedding if it looks like Kirsty Allsop has been there.


    1. Thank you. I’m trying to enjoy the process rather than have all the preparations turn into one long chore so I was glad to have finished this particular task.


      1. you should definitely tell them – or at least let it slip out casually to one or two people who will tell everyone else 🙂 I would even have put “handmade by Lucie” really small in a corner at the back or something


  2. These look lovely – no point getting stressed by setting yourself difficult targets – you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself! I like the contrasting band around the outside, that’s a really nice touch. Amazing what you can do with punches – it’s yet another crafting world just waiting to be discovered.- and you can always go back to paper cutting when you’ve got more time.


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