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You may just have noticed the new widget in the column on the left.
Well, I have some more news!!
Just last week I was so very excited(!!!) to have been approached by Minervacrafts, a huge craft store in Darwen, Lancashire with a massive on-line shop, to be one of their ‘network bloggers’.


They want me to create an item (anything I like) once a month from stock from their shop, provided by them, and write a blog post about it which they will share on their site. Well, this is no more than I do already, so of course I said yes!

Most of the current bloggers are seamstresses so I shall be rallying for the crafters amongst us!

There is a massive amount of fabric and yarn to choose from so I’m like a kid in a sweet shop. It’s a perfect way of feeding my fabric and yarn habit.

I’ve thought up my first 3 projects and sent them the list of what I require. I’ve written my profile which will appear on their page and my first post (pom pom related!)  goes live on Friday 7th February!

So a new twist in the blog journey beckons!

What else will 2014 bring?

Love, Lucie x


  1. Woohoo! Exciting or what. How difficult to choose from their whole range but a good idea to go with a pompom post to start as they are having a bit of a ‘surge’ at the moment.


  2. hey, what fun! You get to try new things and they buy supplies (I presume). this opens a whole new world! I hope you will blog here and link to your posts 🙂


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