Daft, I know, but….

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Daft, I know, but this solves an annoying little problem I have in the car.

De-icer sock
Interesting crochet item………..

‘But what is it?’ I hear you cry!

Crochet de-icer sock
Crochet de-icer sock

Why, it’s a de-icer sock.
A de-icer sock is a useful item to stop the annoying metal-on-metal clang that happens when my de-icer rolls off the back seat of the car and crashes against the metal bars beneath the passenger seat, continuing to do so around every bend of the remaining journey.
Crochet de-icer sock

I stopped short of adding flowers etc.

My OH asks, ‘why don’t I just keep it in the boot?’

Love, Lucie xx


    1. He said to me,’what will others think of an aerosol in a sock on the back seat?’ I’m not at all sure what he was getting at. Do I care what others make of an aerosol in a sock? No. And I can’t imagine there are many back seat stalkers out there.


  1. It’s been one of those weeks so am only now catching up with my blog reading !!!!!

    What a brilliant idea. It’ll also stop your hands getting cold as the cans of de-icer can be freezing to hold xx


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