Lace crochet scarf complete!

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A busy busy week at work has meant no time for blogging and only a few snatched minutes to read my favourite blogs.

But during the hour each evening, when I have forced myself to sit down, I’ve finished my ANGEL crochet scarf by Amanda Perkins.
Here is her’s

ANGEL crochet lace scarf by Amanda Perkins
ANGEL crochet lace scarf by Amanda Perkins

And this is mine.

Crochet lace scarf
Using malabrigo sock weight merino in aquas
Expect to see lots of photos taken here during the next few months. The light is so poor everywhere else. This is the closest to the actual colour I can get it.

It is not quite perfect. I have seemingly forgotten my intention to keep the stitches as loose as possible and along the way my scarf has got tighter and tighter.

I paid £2 pounds for the pattern. It was incredibly simple but I had not the patience to work it out myself and who am I to deny just £2 to the designer who spent the time to post it on Ravelry.

I’m just going out to a fabulous new wool shop I discovered recently to buy some similar kettle dyed merino sock wool. I’m making another for my mum for Christmas but will make it twice as wide to be extra luxurious and keep an eye on the tension.
If it’s quiet I’ll take some photos around the shop. It is truely an Aladdin’s cave. A place to go for just very special projects.

Love, Lucie. Xx


  1. Lovely, Lucie. Back when I could crochet (a year and a half ago), I made a little bolero thingy in this design. Now that I seem to have forgotten how to crochet (!?) I take it out and look at it from time to time and wonder how I did it. I love your scarf and the colour too. I hope you had fun at the new wool shop – I know they are few and far between in the U.K.


    1. I sometimes look at things I’ve made in the past and think, ‘How did I do that?’. I think a person is just in that frame of mind at the time.
      The wool shop is AMAZING. I no longer have to make a trip trip to indulge. Will post some photos later in the week.


  2. I am desperately trying to find the pattern for this but there is no link on Ravelry to purchase. Any ideas how I could get a copy of it? I have looked everywhere.


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