Le Tour de Wakefield

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Phew, isn’t this weather hot? I love the warm evenings; returning from work and throwing all the doors and windows wide open.

I’ve been taking full advantage of the beautiful evenings and getting out on my bike. I like to fit 50 miles in a week. A couple of 13 mile rides in the evenings and a 24 mile early Saturday morning.

Here, on the edge of Wakefield we are so lucky to be close to Leeds but with the countryside on our door step.

I find a ride gives me time to turn over my thoughts of the day whilst giving me that excuse for a deserving gin and tonic in the garden later!

It was so beautiful last night that I decided to take you along and show you my usual evening route.

First lets get across the M1


Then straight into the countryside


Past bales drying out in the sun


Crops ready to be gathered in


And some freshly planted


Up hills from hell


To see views from the top


Along leafy lanes


Up narrow lanes


Down narrow lanes


Along delicously cool shady lanes


And finally, almost home, watery views


Chris Froome, I may not be. But my mind and body feels all the better for it.


Love, Lucie xx


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