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Like many, I have been inspired recently both by the Great British Sewing Bee and of course by all you blogging dressmakers out there.
I wondered where I should start. I wanted to make something simple, something from my stash, something I needed, and something I would enjoy wearing.
So this weekend I came up with this.


It is a simple nightdress, the pattern of which I copied from one of my favourites cotton ones that had been washed so much it was indecent due to its translucent properties!

I couldn’t find anything in the shops. Too matronly, too twee, too young or with some daft character on the front. I wanted something that I could wonder out onto a balcony in without shocking my neighbour on an upcoming holiday.

I know it is simple but it has French seams and matching bias binding trimming the top and forming the straps, and pin tucks under the bust.

I made it from a dress I had never worn. I think I had fallen for the fabric rather than the cut of the dress. But I did make it from scratch though, unpicking all the seams first.

I won’t be modelling it for you!

Simple though it is, I’m very pleased with it.

What next?


  1. Oh gorgeous! What beautiful material and it looks like a lovely design too. I am definitely feeling inspired to try and sew something for myself too. But it’s going to need to be pretty simple I think!


  2. That looks lovely, the fabric is very pretty too. I had a go at some trousers for my daughter which were relatively successful and am looking for my next project on the sewing front.


  3. It looks lovely, I did a similar thing recently to get a nightdress I liked (my old one had actually started to go into holes!)
    The french seams will be ideal for wash and wear.


  4. Very pretty fabric, I can see why you fell for it. French seams are such a lovely finish. I’m looking forward to seeing your next project.


  5. Hi there and thanks for dropping by my blog. I love this nightie – well, what I can see of it. I don’t model my things either – well sometimes from the neck down which is the best part of me these days – and only if my daughter is not available. I know just what you mean about shop bought nighties. Stuff with characters on the front used to be for teenagers but are suddenly available for full grown women and you don’t really want to look like a pole dancer either (well, not every night) so this is a pretty, feminine, grown up example. I have some soft Liberty tana lawn which would be gorgeous – I must go and find something similarly shaped to draw round.


    1. Thank you. I have now seriously got the bug and am deciding what to tackle next. Unfortunately it is not great around here for dressmaking fabric shops although fine for home furnishing textiles. There must be something close by that I’ve not come across yet. We are only a few miles from Leeds.


  6. Hey, don’t knock it!! Whatever turns you on to sewing can only ever be a good thing, and as starter projects go this is a beauty and looks very well done.

    I stopped sewing properly for years (kids and dogs running around not conducive to peaceful sewing) anyway the first thing I tackled was a wrap skirt, like you, a copy of one that had come to the end of its useful life. I ended up making 6! – that was last year. In the next few months I will take on a tailored jacket!


    1. You mean THE tailored jacket from GBSB? I have just received the book. Like you, I want to have ago at everything! By next winter I hope to have worked upto the tailored jacket. I could have one in every colour! I love a tailored jacket.


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