A parliament of owls

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 A ‘parliament’ of owls? Yes really. Almost as odd as a ‘knot’ of toads and a ‘bloat’ of hippos.

Even more odd is that my owls are made of appliqued fabric and stuffed with hollowfibre and bags of rice to be sold as door stops.

A Parliament of Owl Doorstops
A Parliament of Owl Doorstops

My next Craft Fair beckons this Bank Holiday Monday.

It is in a rather odd place. The Xscape leisure facility off the M62 in West Yorkshire.

The venue contains a huge undercover real snow ski slope with nusery slope and sleigh run, a surfing facility (real water!), laser guest, virtual golf, 10 pin bowling alley, play centre, 10 screen cinema and numerous outdoorsey shops and endless restaurants.   

It is always heaving so the football should be great.

That was I thought until I heard that we are not to be set up amongst the ‘babble’ of potential customers, but in some conferencing suite upstairs.

With the positive side of my brain switched back on, I am sure they will have signs and posters all over the place and I’m sure there’ll be lots of parents hanging around whilst they wait for their little darlings to finish their activities. The fair organiser has already made their profit with the inflated price of the tables and the speed in which they were taken up.

I intend to make this my best fair ever!

I have a few things to do before Monday including printing new tags, stamping my name on bags, trimming my table cloth sheets (so they look less like sheets), sewing eyes on my cat keyrings and completing a few more crochet baskets.

So it will be interesting to see how things pan out. A craft fair in a place where people will least expect to see one but hopefully will part with their pennies for the sheer novelty of it.

English: Xscape in Castleford, West Yorkshire
English: Xscape in Castleford, West Yorkshire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  1. Oh, a bloat of hippos is wonderful!

    I love your owls, they’re really gorgeous. Good luck with everything on Monday. Sounds like a rather strange venue, but hopefully you’ll have the novelty factor, like you say.


  2. Your owls are really cute! Good luck with the show ~ my first show of the season isn’t for another couple of weeks and I’m really itching to get out there. Good luck, and let us know how it all turned out!


  3. An unkindness of ravens is another. I think a parliament of owls is much nicer. Good luck with the craft fair.


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