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With over 40 years experience and over 200 exhibitors and without the usual crowds, the CHSI Stitches trade fair was truely worth taking a day off work for.

So where do I start?

With the Yarnia display by Creative World of Craft? Based on the famous Narnia series of books by C.S. Lewis – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and featuring awe-inspiring scenes straight from Narnia, including that of the White Witch, Warrior Queen and all the others.

With the celebrities?


Jo (a fellow MinervaCrafts blogger from Three Stories High) and I had a lovely chat with Tilly Walnes. It was her first trade show and she said it was a completely new experience to her so was glad of anyone to chat to. AND she recognized my Coco!

Stuart Hillard (contestant on the GBSB) was a born demonstrator. He made a storage basket using adhesive foam in the Coates stand. It was very easy but he was so professional and had us in stitches!

May Martin took part in one of the seminars about Sew Saturday; a day in October when all fabrics shops are encouraged to put on a special demo/classes/drop in day to promote the industry and our fabulous hobby whilst boosting sales.

But then I came across the yarn displays! How about the Stylecraft display?

Or these from WoolyKnit?

The Toft stand was really lovely, featuring all the Edward’s Menagerie animals and some of the birds. I had a lovely chat with the lady there about the fur stitch I was having trouble with and picked up a few tips.


I fell for these knits by Erika Knight. Both the linen yarn and the patterns. I would have worn everyone. I just need to find a stockist. These are a new release and I’ve not come across them so far in the online shops that sell her previous stuff.


Now this next one was the most lovely stand! I really haven’t done it justice.

I spoke to Hanne, the owner, for sometime. She had given up her ‘normal’ job two years ago and invested all her time and savings on her dream to design and sell  these amazing kits.

This was the year when she was launching her product. This trade show was just her second this season and the first in the UK. It was the second day of the show and she said she was absolutely thrilled with the response and had finally had a good nights sleep just due to the relief that it had been such a success. I asked her about her stockists. She said she sold online but after the orders that had been taken at the show we were soon to be awash with stores selling her kits. She was such a lovely lady. I was so pleased for her.

Next something new to me. This paper yarn from Rico design. I really fancy these table mats for outside in the summer. I had a go with the sample and it wasn’t as awkward as I had thought.

And now for some random photos. It wasn’t just yarn of course.

I  wish I had taken more fabric stand shots. I just kept getting side tracked.

Does anyone follow ‘The New Craft House’? Hannah and Rose had one of the smaller stands designated for new start ups.

More woolly creatures?


These are my fellow bloggers at the rather tremendous bloggers breakfast and DMC workshop. On the morning I was rather more concerned about the awful M1  and A42 traffic than meeting a room full of bloggers. And as someone else pointed out on my blog, we are rather lovely people!

Cara from DMC explained they were celebrating their 270th birthday and of course I was rather pleased to come away with some DMC freebies!

The bloggers, 17 of us, were all given a goodie bag containing DMC goodies’products that are just hitting the shops.

I shall report back in a proper post with the finished goods but here is a snippet.

And some of us picked up a few other things through the trade fair although the prize went to Jo for picking up a whole lamp shade kit from one stall and some fabric from another !

I have some more lovely yarn and some wonderful crafters handcream.

So in all a great day. This was the first CHSI blogger’s breakfast. Finger’s crossed for a second one!

Love, Lucie xx



  1. Glad you had a good day. I was there on Sunday and loved it! My favourites were the Dashwood Studio stand (the friend I went with made some of their samples, so I’m a bit biased), Jenni Smith, who was lovely to chat to about the amazing coat she had on display on the Aurifil stand, and Sew La Di Da Vintage who has a 1920’s doll kit that I absolutely must have.

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  2. The only reason I’m not completely ‘Hulk’ green with envy is because I know you couldn’t buy anything.
    Great photos and I am definitely in love with the Erika Knight patterns – if you find any stockists online, I’d love to know. I’ll make sure I knit mine in a different colour to you just in case I ever get to the Yorkshire Spoolettes so we don’t have to say ‘snap’ 😉
    I always thought of you as fairly petite until I saw you standing next to Tilly – she’s teeny tiny isn’t she?


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