1. Hi – I just commented on your Boden Ravello pattern post and then I glanced through your Ugly to Lovely series. It made me laugh! I recently crocheted dish and face cloths for myself. I have made my own ironing board cover. I’m hoping to cross stitch a new case for my phone soon. I live in rainy Washington state, US and so I don’t have a clothesline nor need a peg bag, but if I ever do, I’m certainly making it out of oilcloth. I’m pleased to find you and am looking forward to reading more on your blog.


    1. 👋 Yes, all fine here. Working too hard but still lots of time for crochet, gardening and sewing. In the middle of university visiting as my daughter is in her final a level year this year. Doesn’t time move so fast! Xx


  2. Hi Lucy! Been following your blog for awhile and love the garments you’ve made. Love your Thayer jacket! I chose the same burgundy color kit and also wanted to use a corduroy collar – like my old barn coat. Would you mind sharing what corduroy and color you used please? Thanks for sharing!!

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