Lovely weekend ahead

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Oh! I have a lovely weekend ahead.

Firstly, it is 3 days long, instead of the usual 2!

Saturday morning will see me at the Yorkshire Spoolettes Dewsbury meet-up, organised by the wonderful Ali, AKA Thimberlina. I’ve heard there are over 3o expected and so will have to split into groups to avoid swamping the fabric shops at the same time, en masse. Last year’s was a blast.


I’m going for a coffee and a chat and a catch up, more than anything. My stash is shameful. However I might be tempted by some linen for embroidery purposes only.

We are meeting for breakfast at a pub – there’s no tea room large enough to take us all!

We may end up at a pub.

(EDIT : It’s just been pointed out to me that I’ve got the date wrong!!! The Yorkshire Spoolettes meeting is next weekend – Doh!!!!)

Roll forward to Saturday evening when I’ll be picking up my daughter from her school skiing trip. She’s 15. I know in a couple of years she’ll be off to university but we are so close, I miss her door banging, her ‘yes, in a minute’, our chats and general company around the house/in her bedroom behind a closed door.

Sunday will probably be spent spoiling my daughter but with GCSE’s on the horizon, there’ll be time for sewing (me) and revision (her).

And as for Monday, I’ve been invited again to the CHSI stitches trade show at Birmingham NEC. I LOVED it last time. You can read all about it here.


Looks like I wore the same Tilly Coco for both occasions! I’ve decided to take the train this time. This’ll give me 2 hours there and 2 hours back of crochet time on the train. Better than 5 hours or more in the car!

We are to meet at 10.45 for a ‘blogger’s breakfast’ Sponsored by DMC and then take part in a DMC Workshop. We are given a goody bag, which was fab last year, and a ‘Press Pass’ (!!!!!!!) and are then at liberty to wonder the stands, take part in workshops, absorb seminars and watch the fashion shows.

What I loved last year was because it is a trade show and not a public craft fair, you could get really close to everything. It is not as packed, you can just amble about. It’s a lot less tiring! And you can leave your bags/coat in the press room. And you can nip back for a free coffee and a sit down.

Unfortunatley/fortunately there will not be anything to buy, as it’s for trade and press only, just a feast for the eyes and collect ideas (and hopefully a few freebies!)

The question is, is it possible to embroider on the train? Will the movement of the train make aiming the needle a frustrating task? I should really crochet, I’ve neglected my crochet recently and I have a blanket on the go. Maybe crochet and a saved ‘The Archers Omnibus’ is the way to go.

Whatever you are doing this weekend it looks like, in the UK at least, it’ll be a brighter, warmer one than last week.

Love, Lucie xx


  1. Sounds great! Isn’t the Spoolettes meeting next weekend – the 25th though? Don’t want you milling about Dewsbury all alone 😉
    I missed my eldest daughter like mad when she first went off to Uni – we are very close too. I kept welling up in random places like the supermarket.

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      1. It’s going to be hard when she goes. I didn’t think I’d be that bothered as she spends half her time at her dad’s. The second half of the week, I’ve really felt it. We have such good long chats, just hanging out in the kitchen or settling down to watch a chick flick together, or visiting a country house, or drinking coffee at a cafe, travelling together to North Wales to see my parents.


  2. Sounds like you’ve got a fabulous weekend lined up! And how amazing for your free pass and press status! I hope your goodie bag is full of lots of fun things! Enjoy the time with your daughter.

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  3. Not long now! Glad Lyn noticed you’d got the dates wrong and that you’re still coming! There’s near on 40 coming if everyone turns up. I’m calling into weatherspoons tomorrow to warn them as I didn’t think there’d be so many!! See ya then!! 😀

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  4. I think embroidery on the train should be fine, depending on how intricate the thing you’re doing is – I once did tapestry on a bus going up the west coast of the USA and it was fine!! I suppose tapestry is more structured though …

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