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No one should return to school without a new pencil case but have you seen the price of them?
Luckily Freya has a new one, courtesay of her mum of course.

We found some thin PVC covered material in my stash,
bought for wash bags that were never made.

It has a Cath Kidston look about it which is always a plus in my daughter’s eyes.

Love, Lucie x


  1. That’s pretty:) I made some dap bags (gym bags) for my boys and I’m in my studio making pencil cases at the moment. They’ll find their way onto the blog shortly. Little stash-buster items are always so satisfying to make, aren’t they?


  2. I was just going to say that it is very Cath Kidston like. I got a shock when shopping for a little wash bag the other day – I wanted to leave a second set of toiletries over at Mums for when I visit to save running the gauntlet of airport security with liquids every time – the prices are steep if you go for anything remotely ‘trendy’. Well done you for ‘making do’ so beautifully from your stash.


    1. This laminated fabric was a lot lighter in weight than other laminated fabric I have used. I didn’t get any of the issues I’ve come across with thicker, ‘stickier’ fabrics.
      I’ve never bought a ‘teflon’ foot that I’ve seen others recommend.
      Where you are sewing ‘front face to front face’ it is just like sewing through ordinary fabric but I tend to use a needle that is recommended for denim weight fabrics. When doing top stitching, as you might do along side a zip, I use my zipper foot but place a length of ribbon under where the foot will travel. This seems to work well. An alternative I would try is to stick a length of making tape adjacent to the sewing line. This would stop the laminate sticking to the underside of the foot also.
      Another tip is to use pegs or little stationary pegs/clips where you would usually use pins.
      I’ve also made other laminated projects you might want to have a look at.

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      1. Thanks soooo much for all those tips. Yes my is lighter and doesn’t seem to stick as the typical oilcloths. I’ll be sure to push this one up my list now. Thanks again for taking the time to respond so thoroughly.


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