What’s not to love?

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What’s not to love about this bag?

Sewchet crochet bag.
Sewchet crochet bag.

It’s not mine, I came across it after discovering the Sewchet blog, yesterday.

Sewchet crochet bag
I love the webbing and the toggle drawstring closure.Sewchet crochet bag
And I know a little girl who would love this for her birthday in November.

So if you like gorgeous colourful crochet pop over to Sewchet and while you’re there check out her craft studio.
You’ll be jealous!

Love Lucie x


  1. Thank you Lucie, I really appreciate it! If you’re thinking about making one for your God-daughter it should be simple enough to work out the construction. I have considered writing up a tutorial, but wasn’t sure it would be necessary?


    1. I’ll be fine with the construction but they’ll be others that won’t be so if you have the time and the inclination I would do one. Tutorials always generate traffic in the end. Have you tweeted it to some of the crochet mags? Or Mollie Makes?


      1. No, because it’s not my original idea; I spotted it on a Danish site (the link is in my post) and figured out how to make something similar. I don’t tweet either – only the automatic feeds from the blog!! I will start on a tutorial though:)

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