Afternoon tea and a knitting needle case.

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It’s definitely turned this weekend.

A definite feeling of autumn. Winter jackets dug out of the cupboard. Pyjamas pulled down from the attic.

But an afternoon ‘bring your own cake’ tea with girlfriends and children who had known each other from babies put paid to the gloom.

Lots of cake!
Lots of cake!

And I made a knitting needle case!Knitting needle case

There is no longer a need to scrabble in a dark cupboard. No longer a need to buy a pair of needles or a crochet hook for every new project. Now organised, I know what I own and it appears I have several multiples of the same sized needles and hooks.

I used a piece of my liberty print fabric purchased during a memorable trip to London this past summer.
Knitting needle case


I’m just nipping across to handmadeharbour to see what everyone’s been up to this weekend.

Have a good week.

Love, Lucie x


  1. Like the idea of the “bring a cake” party. Your needle case is great… Especially that it has pockets for knitting and crochet needles… Keeping them altogether… Great idea.


  2. Beautiful liberty print. Ive been meaning to make myself a roll for my hooks and needles-yours is lovely, especially with the 2 rows.


    1. Thank you. My needles were always in such a mess before and I was always losing one at the back of the cupboard or stabbing myself down my nail as I felt around in the dark.


  3. Those cake look yum! Would love an invite nest time…! I love the knitting needle holder -I have made a number of these but I like that it closes with a button. Well done


  4. I know the feeling of finally have the knitting needles organised. You case looks fab, very stylish and a clean finish, well done!


  5. I love your needle case! And that Liberty print is so pretty. I keep all of my needles in a vase on my crafty chest of drawers but a think a roll would be much nicer. Another thing to add to the to-do list!


  6. All the cakes look yummy. Is there any left?

    What a pretty needle case. It looks just like a scroll. I must get round to making a case for the needles I inherited from my mam xx


  7. Very smart. I really must have a go at making one of those. I have two needle cases, but they both mean I have to tip all the needles out every time I want to find a pair. Not very handy.


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