Been busy, but thank you so much

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Not last week, but the previous one, or maybe the one before that (?),I was nominated for a couple of blogging awards!
When I first started blogging, back in April this year, I would see these badges of honour on the blogs of others and wonder what it took to receive such recognition.
So imagine my delight, after 4 months, when I found myself to have been nominated for 2 different ones.
However, I have since found out that accepting these nominations takes a little work and time on my part. None the less is the time in collating the bloggers, whom I shall nominate, who fit the criteria for that particular award but haven’t yet received it.

So please forgive me
Hannah from Madewithhugsandkisses who nominated me for the Liebster Award

liebster award

and fellow bloggers from the grangerange and  Alice at knitrun4sanity for nominating me for
Wonderful Team membership award



Congratulations to my fellow bloggers on their awards and for keeping the blogging world going round.

If I don’t get around to accepting your nominations straight away, I am still truely grateful and I do intend to accept them. It might just take me a little while.

Love, Lucie xx


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